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Oct 09, 2020 - 02:04 PM

Assigning Content

SimBuild application activities are factored into a student’s overall grade.

SimBuild activities are broken up by major work Sites. Each Site uses a set of Systems that focus on specific topics or processes (e.g. Job Planning, Work Area Prep). Systems contain a set of Work Orders. Users complete Work Orders by performing the Activities they contain (e.g. Identify PPE, Calculate Building Math). Each Activity is a series of questions designed to build on previous knowledge covered by SimBuild. It is generally recommended to progress from top to bottom in all lists.

Completing content means completing activities. Assignments can be easily managed by instructing users to complete the following:

  • A single System of a specific Site
    Recommended for small-sized or weekly assignments
  • Two to Four Systems across one or more Sites
    Recommended for medium-sized or monthly assignments
  • A single Site and all of its contained Systems, Work Orders, and Activities
    Recommended for large-sized or longer-term assignments

Activities in the application can be completed by users at any time during the class duration. An active class’s start and end dates can be managed on the ‘Manage Classes’ screen of the LMS.

- Optional - Instructors may also create custom quizzes in the LMS and assign them to their classes. 

Instructors may also create custom quizzes in the LMS and assign them to their classes.