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Oct 09, 2020 - 02:03 PM

SimBuild Licensing

The SimBuild platform contains multiple products to develop different trade skills. Each SimBuild application (Carpentry or Industrial) is a separately licensed software product that comes with access to a web-based LMS. Users access SimBuild by purchasing a license. Licenses are valid for a limited period of time and include access for a set number of users and roles.

After purchasing SimBuild product(s), a set of license keys is issued. These license keys provide access to the complete application and LMS. License keys include Admin, Teacher, and Student accounts. After the first year of use, user account fees must be renewed to maintain access to all features of the SimBuild application and data tracking in the LMS.

If your institution purchases more than one SimBuild product, all users can use the same accounts to access each product. Users will only need to register separate product keys on their account to gain access.

- Note - Teachers and Admins can see License Keys in the LMS when adding or managing users. The license key displayed reflects the role and product that are currently selected. Keep this in mind when managing users and licenses.