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Oct 15, 2020 - 02:14 PM

Setup Process

  1. Designate a SimBuild Administrator. This person will have access to all classes and be able to monitor all users and progress. An admin and teacher may be the same person.

  2. Collect the SimBuild license keys. These should have been emailed to the designated SimBuild Administrator at the time of purchase. One key typically supports 1 administrator. Check out our help articles for more about SimBuild Licenses and User Roles.

  3. Create the SimBuild Admin using the admin license key.

  4. Distribute the teacher license key(s) to the proper teachers. Teachers should use this license key to create their user accounts. One key typically supports 5 teachers.

  5. Distribute the student license key(s) to the proper students. Students should use this license key to create their user accounts. One key typically supports 25 students.

  6. Set up classes and assign students and teachers to them. Classes can be created ahead of time, but user accounts must be created in order to assign them to a class. Check out our help article for more about Class Management.

  7. Download the application(s) from the download page on the LMS. This page will always have the latest version of software available. This page can be found at

  8. Install SimBuild application(s) on student and/or teacher workstations. Installation is fairly simple and only involves downloading and running an .exe file.

- Optional - Admins and teachers can also create users ahead of time. This requires saving the login credentials and distributing them to the proper users. Admins can create teachers and students, while teachers can only create students. Check User Setup and Signup for help with account setup.

- Note - An active internet connection is required to sync performance data between the application and the LMS. This is easily verified by logging into the SimBuild application and looking for a green checkmark on the wi-fi icon.