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Oct 12, 2020 - 12:41 PM

SimBuild Carpentry

SimBuild Carpentry teaches practical skills used in residential construction while reinforcing academic disciplines in reading, math, and problem-solving. Through a collection of job-based activities, students learn skills including tool reading, applied construction math, framing, installation process, material estimation, and building system terminology.

SimBuild Carpentry content covers tools, materials, construction math, and construction tasks and terminology that aligns with objectives and performance tasks contained in the NCCER Level 1 Carpentry curriculum plans (5th Edition) and the NOCTI Carpentry Basic job-ready assessment blueprint. The LMS tracks competencies that are consistent with topic areas in the NCCER Level 1 Carpentry assessment contents.

Learning Competencies
After completing SimBuild Carpentry, students have covered the curriculum for entry-level carpentry or pre-apprenticeship carpentry training.

  • Workplace Orientation & Safety
  • Tools & Materials
  • Construction Math & Plan Reading
  • Floor Systems
  • Wall Systems
  • Windows & Door
  • Stairs
  • Ceiling & Roof Systems
  • Roof Finishing
  • Interior Finishing

Download the application here.