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Aug 16, 2016 - 11:03 AM

Setting Up SimBuild at Your Location

These instructions are intended for the SimBuild administrator.  The SimBuild administrator is the person responsible for SimBuild installation and managing SimBuild licenses at your location.   

Before You Begin

  • You must have your SimBuild license keys to perform this setup.  Your license keys were emailed to the person provided as the SimBuild administrator at time of purchase.
  • SimBuild workstations must meet product specifications.  Verifying with your local IT support personnel before beginning the setup process that your equipment meets these requirements and has the required internet access can save you time and eliminate problems before you begin.  
  • We recommend reading the following Help articles before beginning the setup process to understand how the porduct operates: 

    Setup Process

    1. Create Your SimBuild Admin Account using the Admin license key.
    2. Distribute the Student license key to SimBuild Carpentry students and instruct them to Create Their SimBuild Student Account using that key.  Administrators may choose to perform this step for students.
    3. Distribute the Teacher license key to SimBuild Carpentry teachers and instruct them to Create Their SimBuild Teacher Account using that key.  Administrators may choose to perform this step for teachers.
    4. Instruct Teachers to Set up their classesAdministrators may choose to perform this step for teachers.
    5. Install the SimBuild Application on each SimBuild workstation.  If installation is done remotely or through a distributed or "push" process you should verify that each SimBuild workstation is able to access the SimBuild™ LMS website:  Contact your local IT support person for assistance with connectivity issues.

    Begin using SimBuild!  

    Students can begin using the SimBuild application from the SimBuild workstations and track their progress by logging into the SimBuild LMS website.  

    Teachers can track class and student progress by logging into the SimBuild LMS website.

    For a brief tutorial on getting started with SimBuild applications, you can reference the SimBuild Tutorial video.

    Note:  All users are able to download, install and run the SimBuild application on any web enabled SimBuild computer having access to the LMS.  

    The Help section is available to all users to assist in navigating SimBuild and the LMS.