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The Gradebook page provides Teachers and Administrators detailed progress tracking for a particular class of students.  Teachers are able to view progress for any active class they added or are enrolled in.  Administrators are able to view progress for any active class created by their organization.  Navigation tools available on the Gradebook page help you drill down to more detailed tracking information for a particular student.

View Progress - Click on View Progress to view the activity progress for each student in a class. 

View Grades -  Click on View Grades to view the high- or low-level information about each student's highest grade achieved.  High-level information shows the average of each student's best attempts.


Your SimBuild product pages may look different than images displayed here depending on the SimBuild product(s) you use.  All SimBuild products function the same but each contains unique learning content and is designed to be visually relevant to that content.  Images displayed here are from the SimBuild Carpentry product.