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Navigation and Tools

The image below displays LMS navigation and other tools you will encounter in the SimBuild™ LMS.



The Menu Bar

The SimBuild™ LMS menu bar appears on most pages along the left side.  Menu items are available to users based on their user role.  

Teachers and Administrators have access to the following menu items:

  •   Teacher Dashboard
  •   Gradebook
  •   Class Competencies

Everyone has access to the following menu items.

  •   Student Report
  •   Download the Application
  •  Help

Class and Student Selection Tools

The Class and Student Selection tools are accessible by Teachers and Administrators and are found at the top of reporting pages.  These tools include:

  •   The Manage Classes icon appears to the left of the Current Class selection and takes you to the Manage Classes page.
  • The Current Class selection.  This is visible on pages related to class level reporting.  Hover over the Current Class selection to view a list of available classes you can select from.  Click another class to report on that class.  
  • The Current Student selection.  This is visible on pages related to student level reporting.  Hover over the Current Student selection to view a list of students currently enrolled in the current class.  Click on student name to report on that student.  
  •   The Student Search icon appears to the left of the Current Student selection.  Click the Student Search icon to search for students not enrolled in the current class.

Hover for Details

Hover over an item to get details about that item.

Logout Icon  

The Logout icon appears in the top right corner of the page.  Click the Logout icon to logout of the SimBuild™ LMS.


Your SimBuild product pages may look different than images displayed here depending on the SimBuild product(s) you use.  All SimBuild products function the same but each contains unique learning content and is designed to be visually relevant to that content.  Images displayed here are from the SimBuild Carpentry product.