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Apr 11, 2016 - 02:23 PM

How SimBuild Products Run

Each SimBuild™ product includes a PC based SimBuild™ application that communicates with the web-based SimBuild™ Learning Management System (LMS).

SimBuild™ Application

The SimBuild™ application installs and runs on a PC. 

The SimBuild™ application is available for unlimited downloads and can be installed on any PC that meets or exceeds SimBuild™ system specifications. 

After creating an account on the LMS, each student logs into the SimBuild™ application.  Logging into the SimBuild™ application with a valid student account provides access to all features of the application and enables progress tracking.

The SimBuild™ LMS

When students perform activities in the SimBuild™ application, progress and performance related information is sent to the LMS.  The LMS is available to all licensed users.  The LMS stores and tracks student progress and provides a vehicle for managing licensing and software delivery to users.